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Just an 18 y/o college student tired of feeling unattractive. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I've finally decided to get up and do something. My results are not gained by just sitting there and complaining. They're gained by the sweat & pain I had to go through to achieve the goal I've set for myself. & with all of this said, My name is Amanda. It's a pleasure to share my progress with you all.
~Let me reassure you that this blog is merely just~
1) an informative blog (if you find it to be)
2) progress tracking
3) motivating blog for myself and others
4)Insparational blog for those who may find it to be inspirational. Lol.
----Also, I like to post recipes for funsies. But if viewing the recipe through my page you have to click the notes to view the whole thing.

Won ton wrappers very lean ground beef and taco seasoning and lots of veggies (and a bit of cheese) bake for 8 minutes at 350.
Click here for full directions!

it’s been a while… Abandoning this Tumblr has made me lost my motivation. But I’m back now. :)


I decided to make a lifestyle change! After 4 weeks of eating clean, working out and keeping myself motivated this is what happened! I’m 5’5 and not sure on my weight I try to focus on how I look. I have a cruise in 17 weeks so I’ll be documenting my progress! Thanks for all your support and inspiration! Lets do this! We can do anything we put our mind to! Chloethefitgirl

Hello. I’m a 20 year old girl from Norway. 88kgs/170cm (According to google this is roughly 194 pounds and 5’6ft)For the past weeks I’ve been working out 30-45 minutes everyday, doing both cardio and lifting. After a long time of not seeing the results I wanted I decided to kick myself in the butt and change my diet. On the 11th April I completely stopped eating bread/pasta, sweets, chips, soda etc. I also started making smaller portions and drinking a lot of water! I never starve myself, and if I’m hungry or snacky I either eat some veggies or a small meal.I didn’t think my body had changed, because the weight have been stuck on the same number. Then I took the second picture to see how much better I fit into the jeans. Well folks.. They say diet outweighs exercise, and they are right. Healthy eating is key. And a pair of jeans/any clothing works a lot better than weighing yourself if you want to see your progress. So to sum it up; In both pictures I weigh 88kgs (194lbs) and I’m wearing the same jeans, also I’m 170cm. The difference in the pictures is that the first picture has a bad diet, and the second has a healthy one.

Baking some spaghetti squash and making home made meat sauce. :)